Germany: new case of blackface advertising


< trigger warning for click on the picture: A.T.U. commercial with Blackfacing>


Hello there,

this is Germany’s first media-watchdog organisation, called “der braune mob”, looking for some developing aid for our society once again.

Similar to the German UNICEF campaign “Schools for Africa” in 2007, where white children were supposed to show solidarity to african children by sporting blackface, we have another recent case now which is taking German blackface advertising to a whole new level.

Check out this clip (click on “TV-Spot”).

The slogan is “damit Sie braungebrannt aus dem Urlaub kommen und nicht Schwarz vor Ärger”

(“so that you return from holidays with a tan and not black from anger”).

Note: “black from anger” ist a German saying that’s being used by (white) Germans to this day.
The advertising agency Heye & Partner, in fact, are so proud of their spot that they made it the first clip on their webpage.

The director of the clip, Arne Feldhusen, is known for directing german sitcoms.

Ok, we could use your help here:

Please help explain to the German advertising agency, director and company, just what exactly is wrong with this spot. Experience has shown that this kind of racial/racist issues are hardly being regarded as such, when voiced by Germany’s minorities. Attention from other countries has been able to help in the past.

Please feel free to post this blog-entry (with reference to our blog

Should you write to the responsible companies, our media-watch would love to get a copy: info[a]

Responsible for the advertising agency Heye &Partner:
Markus Goetze: Geschäftsführer Beratung
Jan Okusluk: Creative Director
Martin Winter: Management Supervisor
Linrupstraße 16
80335 München
Tel.: +49 89 665321900
Fax: +49 89 665321910

responsible for the company A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger Handels GmbH & Co. KG are:

Dr. Dietmar Geppert: Head of Marketing
Hueseyin Dereli: head of communication
Ulla Kraus: head of communication
Ralf Schalkhaußer: head of media

Tel.: +49 800 50 35 470
Fax: +49 961 ” 306 5929
(complaint management)

contact the director’s agent:
Tel. +49-(0)40- 43 21 61 12

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