cruel conditions – Open Letter from Remscheid refugees against collective refugee housings

complete letter HERE (scroll down for English version).

excerpts from the letter:

Mr. Göckel, one of the social workers of the BAF, stated last year in the newspaper, that each of the social workers from BAF is responsible for 100 refugees [3]. According to him, they assist us in case of medical needs, consult us in writing applications and basically for all problems regarding our asylum cases [ibid.]. When he stated this, we did not receive cards to visit doctors or medical institutions. Often we had to suffer from pain and could not visit any doctor. But the only thing we heard from the social workers was: “Wait!”. One of our friends died even [4]. He did not receive any help [5].

Many of us want and can work. But we are not allowed. The few of us, who get the work permit and whose work is paid, have to pay the absurd and high rents from their salaries.
We know that other cities like Leverkusen [7], Köln [8], Suhl [9], Münster [10] and many others have closed the common housings for refugees. The refugees in these cities live in normal flats.

For our children the situation is very bad. They feel excluded and discriminated. They are ashamed because they live in refugee housings and therefore they do not bring their friends from school to their flats. The children have no room and space for themselves. They have little possibilities to learn for school. Their future is destroyed in the collective refugee buildings. They become faster adults than other children, because they live with adults, their parents together. They know already what brutality is, because they witnessed the deportation of their neighbours. The threat of deportation is permanent and has a significant influence on the psychology of our children. Through the control of the janitors and their presence they feel in their young life like in prison.

Most of us, 200 refugees in Remscheid, are obliged to live in collective housings with very little space. We are not allowed to live in normal private flats. … The fee for each square meter in the housings is 17.43 Euros. … For a family with two children living in a refugee housing in Remscheid for example up to 1200 Euros rent for are paid two small rooms.
A comparable private flat in Remscheid costs 300 Euros.

We demand from the city of Remscheid, from the foreigner’s office and from the head of social affairs to close the refugee housings and give the possibility to all refugees to transfer to normal flats.
We want to live a life in dignity.


complete letter HERE (scroll down for English version).

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