German Asylum Policy and its Deadly Consequences (1993 – 2011)

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New release ! 19. updated edition of the documentation Berlin, 25.3.2012
Harmed and dead refugees are the content and focus of the documentation. They would have stayed unharmed if not for the racist special laws of the German Federal Republic or the racism prevalent in German society. The documentation illustrates in more than 6,000 single cases the impact of state and societal racism on the people it targets. The presented cases document the amount of violence employed by government agency officials, courts, police and even medical workers and other aides. They show the arbitrariness and disrespect for human dignity with which refugees are abused, humiliated and even driven to suicide or self-mutilation. Extortion, harassment and fraud as well as making family members liable for each other, separating families or imprisoning minors are some of the means of the state and its compliant employees to force refugees to leave the country.

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