27. April 2010, Berlin: “The Most Unsatisfied Town” – staged reading/play on Oury Jallohs death and institutionalized racism

Staged Reading
The Most Unsatisfied Town
A new play by Amy Evans
Tuesday, Apr 27, 19:30

On January 7, 2005, Oury Jalloh, a man who had come to Germany seeking asylum, burned to death while shackled to the floor of a Dessau jail cell. Three years later two police officers were prosecuted on charges of wrongful death and acquitted. Massive protests resulted in an appeal of the verdict, and, five years to the day of Jalloh’s death, the German Federal Court of Justice ruled in favor of re-opening the case against the police. Written in response to these events, The Most Unsatisfied Town highlights the insidious ways that institutionalized racism and asylum policy leave individuals vulnerable to gross human rights violations, and explores tensions between perceived truth and reality, reparation and gratification, triumph and loss, and the personal cost of mobilizing for social justice.

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