Berlin, 19. und 27. März 2015: Resistance Movements of Refugee Women: Workshops

19.3. 18 Uhr

Workshop mit Aktivist*innen des International Women Space @ Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I.

The first Workshop of our series wil be taking place with Elisabeth Ngari und Damarice Okore from “Women in Exile” at the Intercultural Women’s centre S.U.S.I. on 19th March at 6:00pm!

Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I.
Bayerischer Platz 9, 10779 Berlin
Eingang: Innsbrucker Straße 58 , dann 3. Etage


27.03., 19Uhr

Choriner Str. 10
10119 Berlin-Mitte

Reihe vom 19.03.2015 – 09.07.2015

NEW SERIES/NEUE REIHE: Resistance movements of Refugee Women in Berlin and Germany – Workshop with the International Women Space

Information, Exchange, Networking and Empowerment/Information, Austausch, Vernetzung und Empowerment

Info, Programm, deutsche Beschreibung:

International Women Space (IWS) is a young movement by refugee women residing in the Berlin area. This women’s collective emerged from the movement at Oranienplatz and has experienced and been active in many of the protest in Berlin in the last two years. They were active especially in the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann-School in Ohlauerstr., Kreuzberg and consist mainly of refugee women and migrants who provide mutual support and act against state repression on location. In this event women from the IWS shall be invited. The focus of the workshop will lie on updates on the development of the protests and the current situation of refugees in Berlin from a feminist perspective. Furthermore, the gender specific challenges of the movement will be analysed, especially regarding the occupation of public spaces, experiences of evacuation, police violence and disputes with adversaries of the protests. Besides the pure description of the situation in Berlin an exchange of experience and information will take place in a subsequent discussion round, in which among others further and new methods of action and strategies can be developed in order to handle discriminating and racist conditions.